Where do I start a trACK?

We've set up four designated starting points. Choose your trACK and head to one of these island spots:

●       Easy Street to begin the Downtown Walking trACK

●      Steamboat Wharf to begin any of the 8 biking trACKs

●      Milestone Rotary to begin Milestone or Polpis trACKs

●       Sconset Rotary to begin the Milestone, Polpis, or Sconset Village trACKs.




Steamboat Wharf


Milestone Rotary 


Sconset Rotary 


Brand New: Easy Street for the Downtown Walking trACK


Does Nantucket have any special bike rules?

trACK Nantucket

Nantucket is a wonderful place for biking: few hills, many lovely views. Our rules of the road for bikers are the same as they are elsewhere, and same as the rules for motorists. Stay to the right. Follow traffic signals and signs, including those noting one-way streets. Wear a helmet; if you're under 16, it's the law. We'll add that our in-town roadways are narrow and often crowded. Be extra careful while biking in town.

Can I skip the tour and look at the all the facts and photos from my vacation bed?

Nice try. Part of the fun of trACK is discovering facts about the island's special places as you discover the places themselves. Ride the trACKs, uncover the facts!

trACK Nantucket

Can I pause?

Yes! Stop to take a photo, take a dip, take a breather. Both iOS and Android versions of the app allow pausing.

How much power will the app suck from my battery?

This varies from phone to phone, from iOS to Android. Having said that, we'll note that due to all the location tracking, trACK Nantucket tends to use far more battery power than the average app. Android phones including a feature under "Settings" allowing users to track battery usagefor each app — this offers a good burn-down average.

Before you head out on your trACK, take steps to reduce battery suck. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Close all other apps. Turn off push notifications. Turn on "Low Power Mode" on iOS 9 or higher (Settings – Battery). Note that Low Power Mode turns off if the phone is at 80% or higher. If you have Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher, activate "Battery Saver" (Settings – Battery).

trACK Nantucket App

Can I lock my screen to save power?

 Nope, sorry. If you lock your screen, you can't hear the directions.

If I can't lock my screen, should I set my auto lock feature to "never?"

If you have iOS, then no. As long as the app is active, the screen won't lock.

If you have Android, disable the auto screen lock. Due to changes with Android's framework, theapp might not run if "doze" mode activates.