trACK Nantucket

Flat, accessible bikeways criss-cross Nantucket, bringing bicyclists from downtown to Sconset and Madaket, and to beaches all around the Island. Scenic routes wind around the downtown and Sconset Village. A walking tour filled with facts about our historic downtown. Visitors and locals alike take advantage of the excellent bike paths, admiring the island views along the way. Most don't know what they're missing. But we do!

You see milestone markers. We know who placed them there, and where that same someone placed a diamond tattoo.

You see animals. We know which one arrived on the island via lumber truck, and which was dumped into island ponds by hopeful fishermen.

You see cranberry bogs. We know which bog is the oldest, and why the cranberry is called the cranberry.

Do you know which children's television star lived on the island? What "Siaconset" means? Where to find whales? The oldest house on the island? A striped cliff? Auld Lang Syne, Green Meadows, The Two Greeks, the Madaket Mall?

We do!


trACK Nantucket App

Download the trACK Nantucket app from the Apple app store and Google Play to join us on nine curated tours -eight by bike and one on foot- around the island. We'll provide written and audio turn-by-turn directions between popular island spots, stopping at landmarks along the way.

At each landmark stop, we'll share a brief bit of insider knowledge, plus a few photos that offer additional perspectives of each site.

How does it work? Our app syncs with your phone's GPS. Just choose a trACK at one of the designated starting points, and you're off! The app gives audio directions and vibrates when it's time to pause for a landmark. In addition to mapping out the routes, we've taken care to provide safe stopping spots from which to view each landmark.

Our only request? Remember that bikers have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists. Obey traffic signals and signs. Ride with traffic, and in single file with other riders in your group. Just like motorists, you should signal turns and always be    aware of your surroundings.

Be safe and have fun!